The Bill Show
Show #3 - Bill Joins Hot Talk LA

Its the 1st all New Bill Show live from His neighborhood coffee shop. You never know who'll pop in. Bill tells of how happy and grateful he is to join the crew, having been on a handful of the site's Podcasts already. Today's Topic is what do you do when good people start to wear you down. Bill tells a story of his current Back-house (not gay slang) boarder, Rick and confronts him at the coffee shop. Find out how this all goes down and learn a trick about refinishing hard-wood (also not gay) floors. Enjoy.

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Show #2 - Daylight Savings Time Lost

Did anyone else notice the Time change this daylite savings day?. Bill mentions the death of an excuse for being late as everyone has a computer or phone that changes to the correct time automatically. He rants against Terrestrial Radio executives and lays out the internet paradigm shift that is happening now for Radio TV and all things.

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Show #1 - Bill's Ghost Stories

Bill tells a ghost story about the green Hand. It's a great story from his days as a Summer Camper, and brought to you.

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