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Check out these ultra-hot bio bullet-points:

      ▪ David Nussbaum is a CBS Radio ad executive that loves Chinese food, terrible movies and nearly everything on television.
      ▪ David has been a featured guest on The Howard Stern Show's "Superfan Roundtable" multiple times.
      ▪ Currently David is training for the LA Marathon while raising money for The Alzheimer's Disease Organization.
      ▪ Guy Opochinski has been involved in radio since 1993.
      ▪ After a busy day at the office, Guy can be found on the couch watching the Simpsons, playing Xbox or catching a Yankee game.
      ▪ Guy also loves quoting movie lines, hiking and helping old ladies cross the street.
      ▪ Together they make Nuzzy and The Guy.
      ▪ The Nuzzy and The Guy show has been broadcasting on a variety of radio stations since 1993.
      ▪ They have interviewed Sam Simon, Rainn Wilson, Rob Zombie, Jeff Probst, Andy Dick, Dennis Miller, Brian Posein and many others.

What the Hell is ''Nuzzy and The Guy"?:

"Nuzzy and The Guy are Decently Funny" is a podcast variety show like no other. By day, they’re just two dudes with regular corporate gigs, but at night and on weekends, they don their tights and digital recorder and talk about what is going on in the world and in their lives; from pop culture, to entertainment, movies, to sports, their everyday general uncensored thoughts are shared and discussed in intimate detail. Nuzzy and The Guy also tape their trademark lunchtime interviews at a restaurant or bar with a celebrity… tune in to see who they speak with next! The interviews literally take place while we eat. So download all of our shows and you will hear celebrity interviews, uncensored discussions, participate in interactive contests and laugh your nuts off at a variety of entertaining and original bits featuring "wack-pack" members of satellite radio's most famous show and so much more. Set your expectations low, and be pleasantly surprised when you realize that Nuzzy and The Guy are decently funny!

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