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Langdon Bosarge is the gay best friend that you've always wanted, but never had the balls to ask for. Best friends really do make everything better. And with the "Nation," Langdon does the same...only with a touch more panache (and sometimes glitter). Seriously, he's both a Psychiatric Nurse and best friend to loads of straight dudes in "real life." So, when Oprah announced she was leaving, we just knew we had to give him his own show. Together with his band of irreverent, outrageous comic pals, Langdon explores every watercooler issue from politics to pop culture, with a sharp focus on people, personalities, and relationships. Whether it's an over the top analysis of celebrity gossip, an improvised rant about things that piss us off, or a serious discussion to enlighten and inform, Langdon handles it all with quick wit and a big heart. The point of it all? To really explore what makes life and living fabulous, and how each of us - straight men, gay men, and the women that love them both - can live larger. Fiercely funny, "Langdon Nation™" is the hottest place to be; so, take the Pledge of Allegiance, and keep listening on HotTalkLA.

Langdon Bosarge is what is known, in scientific circles, as a Phenom-a-blond. He is truly a "triple threat," though not classically so: he's smart, funny, and pretty. (Yes, he wanted us to say pretty. We know...) He comes to Hollywood, California from Hollywood, Florida, via the stages of New York. He is an actor, writer and incredibly energized stand-up comic. He attended professional acting conservatory at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy and the School of Film & Television (now The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts), both in New York City during an undisclosed time. He will not tell us his age, but he will tell you a joke, or that your outfit looks lovely. As a professional Psychiatric Nurse, he may also tell you a thing or two about yourself that you didn't know. He obviously isn't dumb, but he loves to pretend to be; "it's so much fun, and very easy to get out of trouble," he says. He says a lot of things. And you're going to want to listen.

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