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It’s hard to sum up Bill Mahoney – but not impossible.

Bill is a communicator. A host. A voice-over professional. A red carpet interviewer. On-camera talent. Bill is lightning fast and hysterically funny. The word “satirist” applies.

As a host, you can hear him on “The Bill Show” takes complex issues and makes them accessible and relatable – Bill makes them funny. “The Bill Show” is high energy. Any show that features Lush Rimbaugh and Newt Gingrich’s mother in heaven can't be all bad. Bill is a master of many voices.

As an Alumn of such radio greats being Howard Stern's Los Angeles Board Op, to Adam Carolla's Gay foil as his "Gay Board-op Bill and Red Carpet interviewer Bill has learned from the Best. Keep busy, make it fast, make it thought provocative, and make it funny.

Bill Mahoney can make landfill gas interesting.

There’s also the “Broken News Update” where he covers more news in sixty seconds than most people cover in sixty minutes. “Irreverent” is putting it mildly.

Trained in voice-over and character work, Bill has yet another outlet where he makes full use of his voice (voices, really), charms and passion: Storytelling. Children love “Bill’s Storytime,” though it’s hard to tell who’s enjoying his readings more– the kids or the parents who get a break or listen with them. His style is at once wry and sweet.

You can also see Bill on the red carpet or at a national political convention demonstrating his skills as a man-on-the-street style reporter. His affable nature and quick wit get the best out of people. There’s a sense of ease about Bill when he interviews Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, and a host of other Hollywood names. Google "Rump, Hating Brenda" to hear a 90210 Parody CD he helped write and sing on way back in the 90's.

He is talented and innovative. He is enormously likeable. He is sharp.

That is Bill Mahoney.

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