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Hosts Rich Boerner and Ken Hastings proudly boast that 2 GUYS & A MIC is "the least prepared show in internet radio history." They sit down, turn on the mics (most of the time) and unleash a nonsensical, unapologetic stream of consciousness -- all from the confines of a spare bedroom somewhere in Southern California. Funny? Often. Thought provoking? Occasionally. Educational? Almost never.


New York City mourned when Babe Ruth died in French Hospital in 1948. But they rejoiced when Rich was born there two years later. Just kidding, he's much younger than that. And thinner. Spending his youth wreaking havoc on the streets of Lon"gh Island might explain Rich's sarcastic spin on life. THAT and the fact that he decided, at an early age, to be a Mets fan. Insert a long frustrated sigh here. His career began in the 6th grade when Rich got his first hand-held tape recorder, which became his very own mini radio station. He tormented friends and family members on a daily basis to be interviewed or to be a part of his show.

In high school, Rich took it to the next level - a pirate radio station located in his friend’s attic. Built by the high school electronics savant (and burn-out) who Rich traded some English tutoring for a full-on pirate broadcast unit. Rich and his two friends would broadcast every day after school to a loyal audience in the 5-mile radius that the 5-watt transmitter reached. College was next, and again an illegal broadcast wire to carry the St. John's carrier current signal to the unsuspecting residents of Queens. It became an FCC "issue" when Rich's broadcasts began to block out Howard Stern broadcasts in the area around the university.

Rich scored on-air gigs straight out of college and within a year, he was on the air in New York City as a DJ at a rock station, WAPP. Of course six months later, the owners changed, the format flipped…and Rich was fired. He went on to Program and be the PM Drive Talent at a new radio station in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains (WZQK, Coeburn, VA).

Imagine that transition…born and raised in the Big Apple, working in coal mine country.

From there it was on to Orlando to create the first FM Talk station. (WTKS, RealRadio104.1) Of course by creating, we mean putting something together from the rubble of three failed formats and saying, "Hey, this works!" It was in O-Town that Rich first hired Ken to be a weekend jock. The station was FM Talk all week and alternative music on the weekends. Ken was hired solely because he submitted a VHS tape of himself dressed in drag as his mother, begging for the job (no surprise there, huh?).

After Orlando, Rich went to San Francisco to successfully launch the bay area’s adult alternative Alice@97.3, then down to Southern California to fix LA’s struggling FM talk station (KLSX, 97.1 the FM Talk station). Over a decade later, the slow, withering death of the radio industry brought an end to the top-rated FM talker in LA. Corporate bean counters said that it cost too much to operate, even though it continued to make millions in profits.

Being out of work for the first time in eons obviously made Rich desperate enough to partner with Ken on yet another pirate radio adventure – 2 GUYS AND A MIC. This thing you’re looking at now. Okay, now you're up to date…and I'm tired of typing. Go read Ken's bio.

Ken was born a coal miner’s daughter. Wait a second…that’s not true. He was, however, born in the infamously murder-centric Camden, NJ. Fortunately, once his proud parents were discharged from the maternity ward, he was driven to a cozy suburban crib in nearby Cherry Hill, where his lifelong knack for entertainment took shape. Ken spent a good chunk of his teen years having his mother chauffeur him to various nightclubs around the tri-state area and sign all the necessary waivers just so he could perform in lip-sync contests. Thus his high school nickname, “LOSER.” While other kids were home doing school work, Ken was up way past his bedtime impersonating the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, Phil Collins, Cyndi Lauper (isn’t she a girl?) and Peter Gabriel to name a few. As luck would have it, that little hobby stuck for a while. Ken went on to be…wait for it…a professional lip-sync DJ. Thus his grown-up nickname, “BIG LOSER.” STOP writing crap in here Rich!!!

After high school, Ken’s family relocated to South Florida and he honed his craft as a resident DJ at famous oldies clubs like Cadillac Jack’s and Studebakers. Yes, he spun .45 records, donned wigs, strummed plastic guitars and played invisible drums for a living! It even landed him an appearance on “Puttin’ on the Hits” and eventually a 10-year gig at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island.

The lip-syncing continued through the 90’s. Ken couldn’t escape (not that he actually ever tried). But, what this new environment gave him was some experience as an on-air jock (although Rich would never agree) on Pleasure Island’s street radio show, P.I. Live. It was in this elevated control booth where Ken pieced together his so-called air-check to mail to Rich, the APD/Creative director at Ken’s favorite station – WTKS Real Radio 104.1. Needless to say, Rich had no interest in Ken’s mouse-influenced shenanigans and told him to piss off. But Ken persisted with continuous calls, emails and borderline stalker-like behavior, and finally, moments before filing for a restraining order, Rich received “the VHS tape.” He finally caved and hired Ken for weekend overnights. A few short months later, Ken was promoted to weekend daytime and did part-time board op work for Jim Philips and Ed Tyll.

Just like Ken’s uncanny lip-sync talent brought him to Orlando, it was his screenwriting that brought him to Los Angeles. He was the first place winner in “Final Draft’s First Annual BIG BREAK Screenwriting Contest” and his script, Dawg, was later produced with Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley in the leading roles. If you’re ever up around 4am, you just might catch it on HBO. To this day, Ken continues to write comedy, but his true passion will always be mouthing off on a live microphone.

PS: Mets suck.
(You’d think a writer would know that ps. Is supposed to be small letters and have a period… Oh wait, Phillies Phan…that explains everything)

So...let's review:

Ken's a South Jersey boy who wears glasses to look smart.
Rich doesn't wear glasses. So he can't be smart.

Got that?

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