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Somehow, the majority of momentous occasions in Adamacadocious’s life have been brought about by his brother, E.I. And those events are what have brought him to where he is today.

Born on March 19, 1983 at Panorama City Kaiser, Macadocious was named Adam by E.I. who was four years his senior. Aside from a year stint of living in Israel with his family after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Adamacadocious has remained a born and raised Valley stud.

Being not just a Valley stud, but a Jewish Valley stud, it was appropriate that at the age he had his Bar Mitzvah he also had an epiphany. Not so coincidentally, E.I. was the catalyst for this as well. Working at the time as a D.J., E.I. brought Adam to several parties, now known as raves, in the deserts and forests. It was here that Adam first experimented with drugs, most notably marijuana. As he grew older, Adam outgrew the parties and the other drugs, but once he had started smoking marijuana he never looked back. It was around this time that he picked up the nickname “The Kosher Stoner.”

By the age of eighteen, Adam was working at the world famous porn company, Wicked Entertainment. E.I. once again stepped in to change Adam’s fate. At the time, E.I. was working for talk radio station 97.1 klsx. One day, toward the summer of 2001, he brought Adam into work with him. By this time, Adam was nearing the end of his senior year, and while at the klsx building, invited Heidi Hamilton to attend his senior prom as his date. Not so surprisingly, she turned him down. However, he did end up taking the boss as his date, and soon after became a member of the promotions Street Team for 97.1.

While working on the Street Team, Adam was present at the majority of 97.1’s events, earning him the status of a recognizable face of klsx. This paid off when he was offered bigger roles with the station; the host of Raider Nation parties, a red carpet interviewer, a regular guest on The Tim Conway Jr. show for the segment “Pot Talk”, and finally, as the host of 97.1’s Free2HD, their High Definition radio channel.

However, just as his radio career was beginning to take off, there was some devastating news: the station’s format was going to be changing from talk radio to a Top 40 format. Although many of the Street Team members were re-interviewed and asked to come back as members of the new Street Team, Adamacadocious was not. As it turned out, Adam’s reputation as The Kosher Stoner as well as his relation to E.I. prevented his being asked back. The new guy in charge apparently did not approve of Adam’s radio personality, nor did he like his brother.

A few months before the termination of 97.1 talk FM, Adam ran into one of E.I.’s former best friends at a radio station event at The Lion’s Lair Head Shop. He now used this connection to obtain a job as a bud tender at a medical marijuana facility. Although he loved the job, he definitely missed radio.

In a fortuitous turn of events, Adam received a call from a former 97.1 co-worker, Malibu Dan. Dan told Adam about how many of the former 97.1 people were doing podcasts out of Randy Wang’s apartment and suggested that he do the same. Adam then revived “Pot Talk” with station friend Manny Blunts as a “Potcast” and the rest is history. They now do a regular show every Thursday and have a great following, getting about 20,000 downloads a week. Although Adam is extremely happy with this turn of events, he is eager to broaden his horizons and bring “Pot Talk” to a larger audience through all different forms of media.

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Manny Blunts, born and raised in Pasadena where the grass is greenah California, started working at a college radio station called Lancer Radio as an editor. He then interned at KLSX-97.1 The FM TALK station in the promotions department. He was hired after the internship as a promotions assistant (by the brother of his co host). At the same time, he was also a studio engineer for 89.3 KPCC, a station on the PCC campus.  After two years at KLSX, he got a job as a Master Control Operator at Pacific Television, a TV Broadcasting company in Los Angeles. He was at both jobs for a year then quit TV Broadcasting. In 2009, CBS Radio decided to flip the talk format into a top forty and he decided to leave. He still works for an LA radio station in the promotions department. Happily ever after…

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