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Podfather Studios promotes CBS Radio’s former KLSX “stage crew” to “center stage” with the addition of Malibu Dan and Crysta Garner. With fame gained from ties to the nationally syndicated John and Jeff show, LA based Frosty Heidi and Frank show and The Tim Conway Jr. Show, Dan and Garner join countless other former KLSX Radio show personalities in what is becoming the golden era of podcasting.

Dan and Garner were primarily known for their production roles during their tenure at CBS Radio in Los Angeles. Due to having their own relationship talk show based in San Diego, they bring forth a very natural and flawless chemistry. You’ll get an easy going everyman out of Dan, but with Garner, you get a complex individual of rugged common sense, brutal honesty and cynicism.

This combination creates a podcast that seeks not only to entertain but also wants to engage the listener in a very down-to-earth vibe. An example of this is shown in the very first show where the topics ranged from conflicts in life, stress and the recession. With the addition of being parents, this greatly extends the range of issues they face and can share with their listeners. Here’s a show that also attempts to make listeners feel like they’re not alone. The twosome is fearless in expressing their own weakness and coping mechanisms both healthy and unhealthy.

When looking for something genuine, therapeutic and real, look no further than the Malibu Dan and Crysta podcast.

Sarabella And Sara...The Kids
Dan and Crysta
That's A Family Portrait!
Domagoj, Crysta and Martin
Crysta, Gina, Sara, Randy, Sarabella, And Danbu
Dan, Crysta And Linda Salvin
Whitman, Dan and Crysta
Bu And Crysta
Crysta and Dan
Randy, Crysta and Dan
Malibu Dan and Crysta
Dan, Crysta and Big Tad
Malibu Dan And Patrisha Summerland
Dick, Skibba and "Hot Chocolate"
Crysta, Skibba, Monkateen, And Sarabella
Johnny V, Crysta and The Monkateen!
Crysta, Dan, And Sammy
Crysta's So Beautiful
Dumb Face Time!
Bill, Dan and Crysta
Gay Bill and Crysta
Crysta, Dan, And Sammy

Crysta Garner

If when listening to Crysta Garner, you sense that she is rather battle scarred and harsh, you’d be correct. With a radio lifetime of screening out uninteresting calls and prank callers for CBS Radio’s John and Jeff Show, Frosty, Heidi and Frank Show and other various radio shows, you begin to understand where part of this personality came from. That alone isn’t enough to understand individual that is Garner. She is also a strong single mother, involved in an active dating life. As she begins to dissect through just her daily life, you begin to understand both why she is headstrong and why she is wonderful. She is the definition of the beautiful struggle from the woman’s perspective. Her views though grounded in common sense are also in the realm of unique and refreshing. Widen your perspective and learn to understand the sometimes enigmatic but relatable Crysta Garner and tune in to the Malibu Dan and Crysta Garner Podcast at
Malibu Dan

Laid-back, chill and well balanced describes Malibu Dan. Born and raised in Southern California, Dan is easily a surfing enthusiast but put a microphone in front of him and you get so much more. Dan’s numerous accolades include being a regular on KLSX’s Tim Conway Jr. Radio Show, being a super Nissan Sales promoter, having his own racing club, and a run with his own San Diego based radio show alongside Crysta Garner. On top of this, he is a family man with a sense of duty to keep his cool despite his own troubling inner conflicts and struggles in life. As a personality he’s honest and unafraid to let it all hang out for his audience. Catch him on the Malibu Dan and Crysta Podcast at

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