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The Single Life Podcast is the explicit, raw and uncensored online version of the wildly popular TV series The Single Life with Sam Phillips that currently airs on Mav TV, and was broadcast for 5 years on 97.1 FM Talk / KLSX. On The Single Life Podcast Sam Phillips and her crew – Yanira, Jorge, and Monkey, with the help of the Podfather Randy Wang – talk about the topics relating to sex, dating and relationships that people secretly think about but rarely hear discussed, and candidly say the things most people are too afraid to. Getting to the heart of an issue with their unique and varied personalities, Sammy and the Single Life crew dole out their irreverent brand of advice in a funny, honest, sexy, no holds barred, straight to the point way with genuine enthusiasm. You can relate to knowing each of them and their tales while they talk openly as if they were your friends, lovers, and ex’s, but without any filters. It’s raw, pure, excitement among friends, and every show you’ll feel like you’re in their inner circle, because you are! It’s like you’re hanging out at a party with your best friends, joking and laughing, while tackling the taboo and learning something new. The Single Life Podcast caters to men and women, the single and the taken. Wherever you are on your sexual journey, this show doesn’t play by the rules of apologies or censorship and it guarantees that no topic or conversation is off limits!

Sammy And Randy
Monkey, Sammy And Whitty
Sammy And Whitty
Bill, Sammy, Randy And Monkey
Randy, Jorge, Michelle, Sammy, Yanira, And Seth
Randy, Jorge, Monkey, And Sammy's Vagina
Randy, Monkey, Sammy And Whitman
Jorge, Sammy And Monkey
Monkey, Nikki Nova And Sammy
Ron Jeremy, Monkey, Jorge And Sammy
Jorge, Randy, Sammy, Nick, And Monkey
Shandra, Jorge, Whitman, Sammy, Nick, Monkey, Tessa, Dennise, And Dusty
Sammy And Shandra
Tessa, Sammy And Shandra
Sammy And Dusty
Sammy And Dennise
Tessa, Monkey And Shandra
Sammy, Tessa, Monkey And Shandra
Will Sammy Marry Whitman?
Jorge, Monkey, Yanira, Sammy, Whitman And Randy
Monkey, Sammy, Yanira, Jorge And The Podfather
The Results Of The Samtastc Stripcast
Randy, Sammy, Monkey, Yanira-y And Jorge-y
Randy Staring Jorge Down
Michelle, Randy, Monkey, Shandra, Jorge-y, Sean-y, Sammy, And Michaeley
Randy, Jorge, Sean, Sammy and Monkey
Why Is Sammy Nude?
This Ain't Your Mama's Mariachi Band!
Jorge Needs To Go To His Happy Place
Jorge Takes One Up The Pooper!
The Bra Man Cometh
Cooch! Where Are Ya Cooch?
The Extended Crew At The New Randy Wang Hang
The Single Life Crew And Gina Too!
Sammy and The Extended Crew, Ooh Ooh, Ooh!
Sammy and The Extended Crew, Ooh Ooh, Ooh!

Sam Phillips – Sam Phillips is a multitalented Television and Radio Talk Show Host, Executive Producer, Film and TV Producer, Reporter, Actress, High-Fashion Model, and former Penthouse Pet Centerfold. A 25-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Sam is the executive producer and host of The Single Life with Sam Phillips; formerly a radio show for 5 years on 97.1 FM Talk / KLSX, and now a 26 half-hour episode series currently airing on the premium HD cable network, Mav TV. Sam got her radio start on XTRA Sports’ The Big Show with Steve Mason and John Ireland then parlayed her success into hosting, creating (including the popular promotions squad, The Leykettes) and producing 19 shows during her decade tenure at 97.1. Sam is the modern day Dear Abby of radio, except she’s cooler, hipper, and hotter! In fact her Penthouse Centerfold for June 1993 was published in more countries than any other Pet’s, and as Bob Guccione’s editors note predicted at the time, Sam’s issue is still considered a collectors edition to this day, 17 years later. Sam became an 1980’s pop icon after her appearance in Patrick McMullan's photographic diary of the decade entitled “So 80s.” She began her career as an international teen modeling sensation and spent a decade working with Wilhelmina Models in New York, and based herself out of Paris, London and Japan. Sam became one of the most sought-after models of the time, appearing in magazines such as Italian Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Lei, Elle, Mademoiselle and Seventeen among others. She was featured on ad campaigns for Jordach Jeans, Esprit, Sebastian Hair Care Products, Cutex, Macy’s, Saks and the #1 pantyhose company in Europe, DIM Pantyhose, to name but a few. In the 90’s Sam made the leap from modeling to acting, her movie career includes films like Phantasm II, Weekend at Bernie’s II, Spy Hard and Angel 4: Undercover. On TV, Sam found fame with her starring role on Showtime Networks’ late night cable series Hot Springs Hotel, hosting the PAX network’s Xtreme Fakeovers, and co-hosting the nationally syndicated daytime talk show, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Sam gained much of her expertise regarding “sex, dating and relationships” from her three year stint as a news correspondent with the Playboy Channel’s popular Sexcetera show. And you can watch Sam’s successful film franchise that she produced and cast starring all her centerfold and adult star friends, the Busty Cops series, late nights on HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

Yanira Johnson
– Fresh out of Broadcasting School, Yanira began her radio career several years ago at 97.1 / KLSX as a phone screener and quickly rose through the ranks. Yanira dominated weekends running the Board for all the Blocked shows, and for the past two years she’s been the call screener for Sam Phillips and The Single Life. It was at 97.1 where Yanira landed the coveted position of “official phone screener” of the nationally syndicated, Adam Corolla Morning Show. Yanira’s feisty attitude and exotic beauty is attributed to her unique mix of Salvadorian and Black heritage. She currently keeps busy with her many jobs including running the Board at KFWB / News 980 on weekends; and that’s when she’s not starring in the first season of the 26 episode series, “The Single Life with Sam Phillips” on Mav TV (one of the fastest growing HD television networks in the U.S.), or chiming in weekly with her opinions and impressions on the uncensored Podcast version, available exclusively online

Jorge Corona – Jorge got his professional start freelancing as an assistant engineer in music studios and then as a sound board-operator for a variety of musical artists, concerts and live events around the Los Angeles area. He got his radio start in 2006 interning at 97.1/ KLSX, soon after he was promoted to Assistant Producer and then went on to Board Op Tom Leykis on the weekends. It was at 97.1 where Jorge met Sam Phillips and she asked him to be the official board op of “The Single Life.” Jorge mastered the controls for the TV version and starred in 26 episodes, which can currently be seen every week on the HD cable network, Mav TV. Fast-forward and you’ll find Jorge manning the board on the weekends at KFWB / News 980, and Podcasting with The Single Life crew every week – where his personal life and everyday issues are hot topics of discussion.

Monkey a.k.a., Marc Anthony Revivo
– Marc Revivo met Sam Phillips a decade ago when they starred together on the Showtime Network’s “Hot Springs Hotel” TV series and a truly amazing friendship developed. Entrepreneur, marketing genius and actor… Through the years Marc has appeared on several sitcoms including “Saved by the Bell,” “Malibu CA” and “Full House.” Marc went on to create, co produce and host “Sunday Madness” on MTV, from there he was hired on at Riddle Weinstock Entertainment where he found himself bouncing from Casting to Head of Music clearance on the show “Destination Stardom.” These days Marc joins the family biz as the Head of Sales, Marketing and Special Events for Famous Cupcakes, based out of B.H.’s. As Sam’s male BFF and assistant, Marc steals the spotlight in all 26 episodes of “The Single Life with Sam Phillips” on Mav TV – as well as serving up the laughs on the uncensored Podcast version exclusively at Living life as if he's on camera all the time, Marc cracks himself up – and us – as The Single Life’s resident “Monkey.”


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