Who's Afraid of the Movies with Jeff Monahan and Marty Schiff
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Who's Afraid of the Movies? || Show Description

From two guys who have been killed by George Romero comes a weekly rap session on everything in the world of horror films! Writing them - producing them - directing them - acting in them - and even just watching the damn things! Let us know what's on your mind! What scares you? What would you like to see more of? From intellectual analysis (yeah, right!), to gutsy and visceral commentary (yeah -RIGHT!!!), to the downright silly - join us for a fun, informative (and sexy) half hour. Send us emails and messages. We might even put you on the show! Don't be afraid...be very afraid...!!!!


Jeff Monahan Bio:
Jeff Monahan’s an actor and screenwriter, and president of 72nd St. Films LLC and can't decide which one he likes best. A student of theater legend Bobby Lewis (so was Meryl Streep, dammit!), and John Strasberg (shades of the Actors Studio!), he's appeared on the New York stage, most notably as “Macenzie” in Men in Waiting, and as the serial killer, “Reach”, in Down the Road. Regional theater includes leads in Anna Karenina, The Human Chair, Six Characters,  The Foreigner, and the North American premiere of Knives in Hens. Film roles include George Romero’s Bruiser, Stephen King’s The Dark Half, Out of the Black, Graduation, The Screening, Two Evil Eyes, The Prince of Pennsylvania, and John Sayles’ Lone Star. He also lost his head in Romero's Day of the Dead and wishes he still had the condom that was attached to it. Network TV includes Target Earth, Stuck with Each Other , Bet Your Life  and The War That Made America, a mini-series that lasted almost as long as the war itself. Jeff’s first screenplay was an autobiographical story of undercover police work called GOING UNDER (yes, he's a man with a past).  He wrote the screenplays for the feature-length films, Hits, which starred Martin Sheen, and One Way Out, which starred Michael Ironside. He also played leading roles in both movies. Commissioned projects include the screen adaptation of the novel, The Cain Conversion, and rewrites of  George Romero 's scripts Cryptid, Tusks and The Cheval. He’s directed a number of theater productions, including Noel Coward’s Private Lives, The Rubber Duck, and the North American Premiere of Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench, starring Carol Cleveland of Monty Python, who was only too happy to demonstrate the infamous Playboy Bunny Dip for him one very special Easter Sunday. He was also Second Unit Director on the film, Hits. He’s taught screenwriting, acting technique and film production at Carnegie Mellon University, Seton Hill University, The Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Chatham University, and New York University. He's currently writing, co-producing, and co-directing the new horror anthology, George A. Romero Presents...Deadtime Stories.  Check out his website at www.72ndstfilms.com

Marty Shiff  Bio:
Marty Schiff has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.  To say “show business is his life” would be a grave understatement.  His career highlights include involvement in every aspect of theater, film, television, and radio.  It was while he was working with the Pennsylvania Regional Theaters as a teenager that Marty discovered his love for the entertainment field.  And, that great affection would result in as many as 30 productions on his resume before his 21st birthday.

His first film was George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.  George became Marty’s mentor and inspiration.  He would appear in two more Romero classics: Knightriders and Creepshow.  

After graduating from Point Park College in Pittsburgh Pa., with a degree in Theatre, Marty moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. 

As an television actor, his first series, The Book of Lists, with Bill Bixby got him national attention as well as the attention of the major networks and studios.  Marty was a series regular on the Nickelodeon network’s long running series Out of Control.  Out of Control was Nickelodeon’s first series produced in America and it set the pace for today’s success of the network.

His credits also include a recurring member of the cast of Dallas for two seasons working directly with Larry Hagman.  He also enjoyed many guest star roles on shows such as Newhart, Matt Houston, Matlock, Knots Landing, Perfect Strangers, and 227.

In addition to his experience in Romero films, Marty has had guest starring roles in films such as The Assassination File, Blank Man, Alone in the Neon Jungle,  Can You Feel Me Dancing, and others.

Marty has appeared in a number of national commercials including Hyundai, 7-Up, Bold Detergent, Little Caesar’s Pizza, and Traco Windows.

His many directing credits include Uncle Merlot’s Last Laugh, The Sugar Plum, Tabloid Review, The Party Animal and Death of a Salesman.  Marty was honored with the L.A. Drama Critics Award and a Drama Logue award for production in Los Angeles.

Marty served as Producer of the National Shopping Network, Golden Sports TV, Into Evidence an extensive documentary on the assassination of President John Kennedy, and the top-rated cooking show in its market La Dolce Vita.   He’s also produced many commercials and infomercials. 
He was the owner and the managing director of the LA Film Actors Lab training many of Hollywood’s top actors.

Currently, Marty is one of the the producers of George A. Romero Presents Dead Time Stories, Flashcard a television series for children,  TBC Today and the hit cabaret show Amish Burlesque.

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